A floating flame wreathed Skull


Melkior is one of the first allies that the group made, literally, having need of knowledge only magic could find, the group approached Fillious Stope who provided the answers they needed and in the process brought life to the skull of a century’s dead mage who after giving them the information ran off, worried that the group would re-kill him.

Since then Melkior has traveled with the group as a companion on and off, sometimes in bits, always annoying Kahl and rarely being more than vaguely helpful.

Often more helpful than melkior is his spell book, The Velcronominicon

First meeting

’…..placing the eye in the left socket of the skull Fillious plucks a feather from his head and using it like a quill draws more symbols on the skull, ones that mimic the ones floor. He then lifts the skull into the air and drops it shouting “Speak” spinning as it falls the skull bursts into black flame and hovers in place inches above the floor. rising to head hight the single eye looks at each of you, and it speaks “Am i dead? and assuming the answer is yes, have i just been subjected to some kind of necromantic ritual?” seeing the Kenku nod he continues, “Ooooooh how embarrassing! Still I seem to have all my faculties intact, and some new ones it seems, intresting. So what is it you seek of Melkior?”


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