The avatar of Autumn,


A Nymph raised to be the head of the house of Autumn she always knew who she was and had an inkling of what it was she would be called to do in her future, that however did not prepare her for it when it came.

A strong leader and trustworthy soul Autumn does not like to show her true power. When her allies or those who are innocent are in need of help however her command of nature makes it self known.Even in the heart of a city Autumn is capable of creating a Forrest in moments and then have it attack you. When that tact does not work or when she is unwilling to cause undue destruction she is more than capable if fighting had to hand, her graceful movements never eluding to the shattering blow that is to follow.

Autumn is the mother of Styx and a member of the War council.

The first meeting:

Across the clearing a woman tall and thin steps into the sun, her hair like beaten copper falls in waves almost to the floor her pale yellow skin shimmers and looks like satin her long legs peek from the waist high split in the chiffon gown that flows from her bodice that seems to be constructed entirely from red and gold autumnal leaves, her bare feet step lightly through the grass and a warm breeze seems to follow her. She is more beautiful than any other creature you have ever laid eyes on. Stopping in the center of the gathering she turns once to look upon everyone and then speaks in a voice that would make of the rarest of feywild songbirds jealous.


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