Garrick Asbjorn

The Werebear Shaman Brother of Kahl.


the second of two sons Garrick was not what is father had wanted and so he was left in the shivering woods to die after his birth, his mothers love and spell of protection was all that kept the animals of the forest from killing him, instead he was raised by a small pack of bears, lead by his adoptive mother a dire bear matriarch who’s natural magic allowed her to take a human form, over time she managed to bestow this ability to Garrick making him in affect a werebear, as he got older she taught him how he was not a bear but a man from the world without trees and she had found him as a baby, she took him to watch the small men in their ‘floating trees’ on the great water, but over time he began to wander about his heritage why was he so different from all the halflings that they watched on the waters in their boats, so she taught him of the powers of nature and allowed him to go on his way, telling him that he should always hold true the things he had taught him an always to protect nature. it was 2 years ago he left, he spent some time in the shay shay flotilla researching teiflings visiting his mother often, it was there that Kalisi found him and told him who he really was.

Since then he has traveled with her, together they found Kahl and joined his cause, witnessing many pivotal moments for the group, such as their meeting with the archetypes, both being bestowed gifts from them along with the others of the group. Garrick asking for a boon from the Shaman received the skin of the first bear, crafted into a cloak, which grants him powers as yet unknown.

Garrick Asbjorn

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