This is the tale of Panum a realm in turmoil, the dark gods plot to overthrow the light and the light are powerless to stop them. In the city of Tennabris-Lux four unlikely comrades heard a prophecy that set them on a path that they would never have expected a path that will have them stand between the dark gods and their evil plots.

Four years have passed (game time) since the group first left Tennabris-Lux and now after many adventures, trials and distractions they are returning, but it, and they, are much changed.

Set in a original world loosely based on D&D 4e I strongly suggest reading the creation ‘myths’, world history and new god and race origins as assuming they are all the same may lead to confusion when reading about the adventures.

I will endeavour to fill the wiki with myths and origins as soon as possible but it is still a work in progress

The Fourfold Deception

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